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Undersize coke grading 0 – 40 mm

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The customer’s requirements:

shape and size
compression strength
abrasion resistant
constant chemical composition
high caloric value

Product description:

The briquettes made from undersized coke serve to make effect use of the fine coke fractions, which could not been directly used in the metallurgical process till this time. By their shape, size and durability, the briquettes are able to supply traditional metallurgical coke, can serve as a frame of metallurgical charge and provide the usage of appropriate power capacity. The briquettes made from the undersize coke can supply the foundry coke up to 20 %, whereas their price is generally lower than the half-price of foundry coke.

These briquettes made from undersized coke fractions have been already examined at the customers for long time. The repeated orders are arguments for their advantages and quality.

Additional Info

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