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Metallurgical metal bearing waste dust

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The customer’s requirements:

shape and size
compression strength
abrasion resistant
moisture of up to 4%
melting point over 1150° C

Product description:

The briquettes are made from metalline dust during the process of melting in the blast furnaces supplied by the customer. Other components are coke added in the amount up to 12 % and a binder, which is a chemically neutral substance that does not influence the metallurgical process. The amount of the binder is 12 – 18 %. The process of binder application, dosing and technology of briquettes production is subject to be the patent protection.

Processing into briquettes allows the metalline substances contained in these materials to use repeatedly in the metallurgical process. The significant saving presents also the fact that the dust need not be in permanent stock-pile.

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